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Who Are We?

CDL Drivers and Friends is a free membership/patron grassroots advocacy platform for issues concerning the Law, Regulatory, Technological, and Management Policy facing all CDL drivers and small carriers.

CDL Drivers and Friends was created by CDL Drivers Unlimited, Inc., America’s only Professional CDL Driver’s Alliance, to welcome all drivers and friends of road transportation in a private community of informed activism.  CDL Drivers Unlimited Inc. serves all CDL Drivers and small carriers.

What We Do 

Together the advocacy platform and the alliance of drivers provide an “Organized Voice” with research, summary reports, and drafted common-sense solutions. We align them with the proven tactics to execute successful issue or policy campaigns in the best interests of Professional CDL Drivers.

All drivers and their friends can join the Private Drivers and Friends Community to become knowledgeable and offer input on all issues and policies presented.  If a member finds agreement with the majority solutions, they can “Take Action” to join the campaign by following the simple “SEND NOW” step to let their voice be heard and counted.


Why We Do It
As our Country is being systematically divided between Elites, Big Business and Globalists at the expense of the Hard-Working Common Folk.  We, at CDL Drivers Unlimited, Inc., believe it is time to become like the “Wide Awakes” of 1860 rather than the “woke” culture of today.  Understand, Teach, Support and Nurture are the ways to move the pendulum back into the proper path shown by our founding fathers.  Freedom is never free and easily lost when not cherished.


Jim Heffernan

Founder and CRO

Jim was born in Albany, Oregon, and raised in both Chicago and Valparaiso, IN.  He graduated from Valparaiso University with a degree in civil engineering and completed studies in Professional Management at the University of Chicago.

Jim held management and corporate officer positions in the bearing and aerospace industries with international responsibilities. After corporate America assignments, Jim, a real estate investor since the 1980s, devoted full time to his passion for real estate and construction. Having honed his skills in Indiana, California, Washington State, Jim settled in Jacksonville Florida in 2002 where he founded several investment identities. Jim is still the Founder and CEO of TCI Trinity Construction and Investment, Inc. and Capstone Residential, Inc. a real estate brokerage.

Jim gives back to the business community as a Christian Business coach and mentor as a member of the Ask Wise Counsel Christian Business organization.  Jim has three grown children, eight grandchildren, a great-granddaughter and two great-grandsons.

Davids Bio Pic_no background w shaddow (1)_edited.png

David Heffernan

Founder and CFO

David has been recognized for his visionary leadership within the field of business and professional development speaking and writing on a wide range of topics. He is a graduate of Valparaiso University’s College of Business with majors in Marketing and Management. 

David has functioned as a Sales Professional, Entrepreneur, and Educator over his 40+ year career.  Many of these years were providing consultancy for business and personnel development through his company Catalyst Systems.

David is married to Peggy Stoltz Heffernan for over 50 years and they have two married daughters, five grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. David resides and has offices in Lake Ridge, VA.

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