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Image by Samuel Branch
  • How are my donations spent on advocacy?
    Aall donations go to active grassroot “get out the vote” campaigns, issue messaging and membership polling.along with the operational and support cost for the platform.
  • How can you be truly bipartisan in this political environment?
    We are issue and regulation driven for the Professional Commercial Driver’s benefit. That is neither Red or Blue.
  • Who decides what issues or regulations get challenged or supported?
    CDLDF is the advocacy arm of CDLDU, whose members are all active CDL drivers. Their Driver’s Council, standing workgroups and professional staff provide all the research, development and drafting of support documents that the members vote on to set the proactive stance on all issues and regulations. CDLDF drives all the actions to provide successful campaigns.
  • Who can I talk to become more actively involved?
    Just click on the button at the bottom of this page “Want to Do More?” Fill in the form and you will be contacted by a membership specialist.
  • Can I contact my representatives through this site?
    Most certainly, along with register to vote and be reminded of local, state and national election days.
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