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Have a Voice

Constituent Voices and Stories Resonate

The Most With Elected Officials

Yes, Our Votes Keep Them In-Office

or Out Looking for a Job!

CDL DRIVERS have had a minimal voice in their working conditions over the last 30 years! That is about to change with your help.

Effective campaigns are made up of 4 essentials: 

  1. A clear simple understanding of the issue or policy in question.

  2. A defined “common sense” proposed solution or a defined simple statement of opposition.

  3. Select tactics and actions that put the messages in the hands of the decision-makers.

  4. Simple access to a delivery platform that organizes, delivers, and measures the results.


Please lend your support to the road transportation industry. By becoming a member advocate, we will do our part to make sure that you stay informed and up-to-date on local, state and federal government issues and policies that affect CDL Drivers.


When Action needs to be "Taken"  you will receive an email that will have the Driver & Friends response to an issue. You will be able to read the response and add your own comments. If you agree you will hit the

SEND NOW button and then a pop up will appear with who you just sent your messages to. Yep, we make it that simple. Below is a picture of a phone screen showing our platform in operation. 


Additionally, the Driver & Friends platform has a private community where all advocates can share their thoughts.


Sign up, Take Action! Become a CDLDF Advocate and let’s work together to protect our industry for future generations. Also, please be sure to share this with other Drivers, your family, and friends, so that they too can become part of our growing community.

Taking Action On Phone

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